Workshops & Talks

Inner Harmony: Personal Exploration at the Piano

Based on my book by the same title, I offer an hour-long talk on the principles of self-exploration and spiritual growth through music.

Free-Improvisation Workshop

I believe that spontaneous, creative, & spiritual music making is neglected by most professional musicians. In workshops we explore the benefits of free-improvisational music-making alone and as a group. Approaching the relationship with the instrument in playful and atypical ways can serve as an opening for new encounters and experiences in our personal and professional lives.

An “A” Effort: The College Student’s Guide to Success

Based on his book of the same title, this workshop is designed for the college-bound high school student. I offer insights and wisdom based on fifteen years of being a professor and twelve years of being an undergraduate, masters, and doctoral student. We explore issues of writing, note-taking, memorization, test-taking, group work, classroom success, dealing with your professors and classmates, and even dorm life!

Performance Anxiety

Group encounter session and workshops in performance anxiety helps students and professional artists to explore and discover new ways of experiencing anxiety while making music for others.

Mindfulness for Musicians

This workshop teaches the foundations of Zen Buddhist approach to mindfulness with the instrument and with experiencing music.

Land Art: Music

A small group enter into the forest, mindfully walking in couples to out destination. Encountering nature through meditation and musical expression through found materials culminates in a musical encounter between all group members.

Transcendental Pragmatism: 10 Life-Lessons from William James & R.W. Emerson

This talk focuses on ten, life-changing concepts that are homegrown, American philosophy. Known as the Sage of Concord, Ralph Waldo Emerson developed a philosophy that focused on how to live, rather than what we can know. His thinking inspired Friedrich Nietzsche and what would come to be known as European existentialism. William James, the father of American psychology, remains one of the most relevant thinkers that America has produced. His focus on personal change, belief, and freedom to choose provides some of the most inspiring ideas for deliberate living ever thought. This popular talk is one-hour long and is perfect for teens through older adults.

Living the Self-Actualized Life: Fifteen Principles for a Sense of Wholeness

Bases on the research of Abraham Maslow, this talk presents a life-philosophy based on 15 principles of the most self-actualized people in history. These are 15 ways of being that we can cultivate in our lives for sustained authenticity and wholeness.