Musicianship Studies for All Instruments

This is the techniques of music curriculum used in most major conservatoires. We work through the following texts:

Introduction to Music

Copland, Aaron. What to Listen for in Music. USA: Berkley, 2009.



Starrer, Robert. Basic Rhythmic Training. New York: Hal Leonard, 1986.

Starrer, Robert. Rhythmic Training. New York: Hal Leonard, 1985.

Bona, Pasquale. Rhythmical Articulation. New York: Schirmer, 1986.

Hindemith, Paul. Elementary Training for Musicians. New York: Schott, 1949.



Dannhäuser, A. Solfége des Solféges, Book 1. New York: Schlimmer, 1986.



Edlund, Lars. Modus Vetus: Sight Singing and Ear-Training in Major/Minor Tonality. USA: Beekman Books, 1994.



Piston, Walter. Harmony. New York: Norton, 1962.

Persichetti, Vincent. Twentieth-Century Harmony. New York: Norton, 1961.

Levine, Mark. Jazz Theory Book. USA: Sher, 1995.


Sight-reading (Prima Vista)

By instrument.


Basic Piano Reading

Bartok, Bella. Mikrokosmos. NY: Boosey & Hawkes,1939.