Music Instruction

“Making music for oneself, with oneself.”

I believe the most important aspect of music lessons is finding a “good fit” between student and teacher. I offer music lessons for adult beginners who wish to make music for personal fulfillment, teens who wish to cultivate artistry, and parent/child lessons for adults who with to cultivate an artistic bond with their child. Free improvisation, composition, and making music for oneself with oneself, and for others with others is central to my approach. We do not perform in recitals or for gold medals, or any other endeavor towards using music for propping-up the ego. Rather, we enjoy making music expressively for personal fulfillment and wellbeing. In this way, we approach the study of music as a craft towards personal sense of fulness. The goal is having music as a path towards healthful wellbeing and lifelong enjoyment of making sound art.

Adult & teen beginner piano

Parent & Child conjoint piano studies

Trombone studies

Musicianship for all instrumentalists