Music Instruction

Since 1998 I have been teaching private music lessons in piano, trombone, & composition. What makes my music lessons unique is that I approach piano as a composer, teaching students how to create music at the piano. This approach offers students a rich knowledge of ear-training & music theory, as well as reading what other composers have written. In essence, the student learns how to make music at the piano. Over the course of twenty years I have also pursued interests in psychology & philosophy. I draw on my experience in these fields to approach learning in a way that is sensitive to the individual.

Adult Piano for Pleasure

I offer adult instruction in playing the piano for pleasure. Lessons focus on music-making for adults who wish to have a positive, spontaneous, and spiritual encounter with music.

Parent & Child Music Lessons

I am happy to teach double lesson with mom or dad and child (ages 5 to 17 years). I believe that it is important for a young child to observe the parent practicing, learning, and enjoying music with the student. Parent & child lessons are a wonderful opportunity for children and parents to bond through a new learning experience. I am also happy to provide consultation for parents who wish to expose their infant or toddler to music.


Trombone lessons for all ages & levels. You will learn the rudiments of trombone playing in classical, jazz, & free-improvisational genres. Beginner lessons & coaching for individuals who are preparing for university or conservatory auditions.


Composition instruction in classical, jazz, & popular music.

Techniques of Music

Ear-training, conservatory solfeggio & dictation


Free Improvisation

Free-improvisational, spontaneous music-making on all instruments.

Old-School Piano Lessons

Some folks are interested in traditional, systematic piano lessons. I offer weekly lessons from the classic John Thompson Modern Course for the Piano. Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parent at every lesson. Wi-fi, coffee, tea, & goodies are provided for waiting parents.


2018 lesson rates are $75 per hour & $40 per half-hour.