Music Studies


I offer musicianship lessons to students of any instrument. We study the techniques of music as it is approached in a conservatory: sight-reading (prima vista), theory, rhythm, solfeggio, ear-training, and dictation. I emphasize composition and improvisation as an important part of learning music. I have based these lessons on the curriculum that I studied at The Mannes School of Music and at The Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Belgium. My teachers have included Carl Schachter & Leo Edwards (theory & Schenkerian analysis) and Rudolph Palmer (conducting).



I primarily teach older beginners how to play the piano for pleasure. I also teach self-motivated young beginners whose parents are willing to make a long-term commitment to music study. I offer parent-child conjoint beginner lessons. My principal teachers in piano have been Paul Schocker (private study for ten years) and Peter Bellino (The Mannes School of Music). Both of these teachers instilled in me an approach to playing music as an act of self-discovery and personal growth.



I also offer study in trombone. Trombonists who wish to cultivate a reliable technique with a healthful attitude and love for music-making are very welcome in my teaching studio! I am trained in classical playing and have been working at jazz and contemporary improvisational music for seven years.

My principal teachers have been: Per Brevig (Metropolitan Opera, New York), Ivan Meylemans (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Holland), & Timothy Soberick (Musicale di Maggio, Italy). I have had coachings with: David Taylor (Mannes Brass Ensemble), Joe Alessi, & David Finlayson (New York Philharmonic). I studied classical trombone performance at The Mannes School of Music (artist’s diploma) and at The Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Belgium (Masterjaar). I have performed as a member of many orchestras and chamber groups around the world. I now play with a jazz combo.

Prospective students should review my lesson policies before contacting me for lessons. Please contact me for lesson rates and logistics.

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