Psychology Courses



Buddhist Psychology for Beginners

In this series of introductory lectures, the student learns the basics of secular Buddhist psychology, Buddhist theory, wisdom for everyday life, and meditation practices.


The Psychology of Religion & Belief

In this series of lectures, we explore the humanistic, evolutionary, biological, psychodynamic, & cognitive psychologies of religion & religious belief. 


History & Philosophy of Psychology

This series contains 56 downloadable audio lectures on history & philosophy of psychology.


Personality Theories

This series contains 29 downloadable audio lectures on personality psychology which follows a classic, university text in theories of personality.

Media Psychology

These lectures include over twenty hours of video lectures and twenty audio lectures to accompany Media Psychology by Matthew Giobbi. Topics include: Introduction to media psychology, research methods, topics, cultural media theory, violence & media, history of media psychology, neuromarketing & traditional marketing.


Introduction to Clinical Psychology

In this course we explore ethical, legal, theoretical, and practical issues of clinical psychology.


Introduction to Psychopathology

In this course we explore research, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of DSM based psychological disorders.


Advanced Psychopathology

In this course we explore advanced topics in the theory, diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of psychological disorders.

Critical Psychology

This course explores personal, social, and theoretical implications of the field of psychology through the critical theory lens.

Mass Media Theory

This course explores the theoretical issues of mass media on the society and the individual.


Lifespan Developmental Psychology


Social Psychology


Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychology


Film Theory & Introduction to Cinema