Lecture 12: Psychodynamic Psychology of Religion, Part 4

1. Read Chapters 9 & 10 in  Freud and Jung on Religion.

2. Watch the video Wisdom of the Dream, Parts 1 through 3. Amazon

3. View Sea of Faith, Part 2 by Don Cupitt. Amazon

4. Complete the assignment.



Begin a dream diary. Upon awakening, stay with your most recent dream and meditate on it. Record the story line (manifest content) of your dream. Consider and work-through the latent content of the dream by considering the themes and images in context with your waking life. If you find you cannot remember your dreams, repeat before falling asleep, “I will remember my dream”. Pay specific attention to the emotional experiences of the dream. Dream language is emotionally based. After one week, look for recurring themes and archetypes in your dreams. What do you learn about yourself?