A Parent Asks, "How often should my child be practicing?"

I received an E-mail from a parent in Warren County, New Jersey who was inquiring into piano lessons for their 13 year old. “How many hours per week should they be practicing?” they asked. This is a great question, and one that many people have. I would like to share my response for others whoContinue reading “A Parent Asks, "How often should my child be practicing?"”

You Are Your Child’s First Music Teacher

How old were you when you started taking music lessons? Most people begin weekly, private music lessons at around the age of six years. Six years old is a good age to begin private lessons, and it is typically the age that I will begin to see students. However, your child’s music education should beginContinue reading “You Are Your Child’s First Music Teacher”

The Skill of Sight-Reading

I recall the moment when I decided to work at becoming a more skillful sight-reader. I was taking an audition as a trombonist with a rural orchestra in Pennsylvania. I had just performed for one season with the Orquesta Filarmonica de Lima, in Peru, ¬†and assumed that the experience had prepared me for the audition.Continue reading “The Skill of Sight-Reading”