Artist Coaching

Rather than doing problem-focused psychotherapy, I have elected to approach counseling as a method to help the individual to get to know themselves better. Some performance issues do initiate the conversation, but the sessions are not focused entirely on these issues. Performance anxiety, Jonah Complex, Impostor Syndrome, & Scheherazade Complex and issues of creative process are explored and coached to completion. However, the main focus of counseling sessions is helping the individual to live a more creative life and to understand oneself more fully.

Discovering one’s personal creative process is an essential and ongoing aspect of living a creative life. Whether you are writing, painting, sculpting, making music, or improvising, discovering how you go about that in a uniquely personal way is within the nucleus of your creative life. Artist’s counseling guides you through the process of discovering your creative process.

I draw on Gestalt, Adlerian, Existential-phenomenological, Humanistic, Jungian, and Buddhist theories. I do not provide diagnosis-based psychotherapy, only performing & expressive arts therapy. I have been a professor of psychology since 2004 and have practiced as an individual and family psychotherapist in community mental health clinics. I hold a master’s degree in psychology and a doctorate in philosophy. My teaching and research focus has been in clinical psychology, abnormal psychology, advanced abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, personality theories, social psychology, psychology of religion, media psychology, and the history & philosophy of psychology.

Telephone, E-mail, virtual, or in-person sessions are available.